Opportunity For Talented Front-end Developer - AutoUncle

If you are a talented front-end developer with ambition to grow and tackle challenging projects, this will get you excited.

The Job

We guarantee that you’ll be challenged more than never before. At AutoUncle we build products that are used by thousands of users in 9 European countries. Our products are used by car buyers, car dealers and other professionals in the auto industry. You’ll be working with:

  • Creating appealing interfaces used by thousands of people every day on Web, Android and iOS
  • Design beautiful user interfaces and carefully crafted user experiences
  • Creating transparency and guide consumers to find the car of their dreams
  • Build tools and deliver insights to car dealers that help them run their business better
  • A/B testing and conversion optimisation through experiments
  • Measure and improve user experience in 9 European countries

The Stack

Our current stack runs on Ruby on Rails, Coffeescript, Bootstrap, Postgres, Redis, Memcached, Sidekiq, Mandrill, Dedicated servers + AWS.

We work using: Github, Slack, Trello, Honeybadger, Google Analytics, Semaphore (for automated testing) as well as a range of internally built monitoring and management systems.

The Culture

When you arrive at the romantic HQ in Aarhus (Klostergade) you’ll be welcomed by an international bunch of excited comrades. The environment here is vibrant and friendly – AutoUncle is a small, talented team on a big mission. As you get started you’ll quickly appreciate that the company has a clear vision and that the time from idea to action is short. We move fast and experiment passionately to achieve measurable progress. You’ll get to learn people from different cultures, speak a lot of English and get a chance to visit our offices in Berlin and Romania (we have a few hackers here as well).

The Traction

AutoUncle is a well-funded startup with traction in 9 countries. The service is used by tens of thousands of people daily and customers are being unboarded at a fast pace. Through four years we’ve built a strong codebase with advanced technology that you won’t find anywhere else. Autouncle’s platform is still expanding and we relentlessly attack new and ambitious challenges.

The You

You’re a talented front-end developer with a flair for design and user experience design. In case you also have experience with copywriting, online conversion or similar, that’s a big high-five!

We’re not picky about academic background and don’t require that you have advanced proficiency in Ruby and Ruby on Rails. Hopefully you know more than Photoshop, but don’t hesitate to reach out no matter what your level is.

You should be a fast learner with an ability to self-ignite and work closely with other talents. If you happen to have strengths with project-management and leading other team members, that’s awesome!

If you know how to design and implement beautiful products, let’s talk!

We appreciate to see that you care about what you build and work with yourself to become even better.

How to Apply

Send us an email and include a few paragraphs where you tell us a bit about yourself and what interests you about the position. Besides that we’re super curious to see what you’ve done before: interfaces you’ve built, code examples and perhaps responsibilities you have had in other projects. The more specific the better. If we sense there is a good match we’ll invite you to talk and perhaps visit our office in Aarhus.

We handle all interactions discretely and will make sure that your ambition to upgrade is not going to create conflict elsewhere. Email: [email protected]

Autouncle environment 1
Autouncle environment 2
Autouncle environment 3
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La nostra squadra

Team johan

Johan Frederik Schjødt

Co-fondatore e Amministratore delegato
Embrace the constraints
Team niels

Niels Kristian Schjødt

Co-fondatore e Sviluppatore
Team jonas

Jonas Bruun Nielsen

Team cristian

Cristian Andrei

Senior Developer and Designer
Team adrian

Adrian Florian

Product Lead
Team nicola

Nicola Barozzi

Ambassador (Italy)

Stella Hudy

International PR / Marketing Manager
Team ieva

Ieva Ališauskaitė

Head of Operations
I’ve never seen a smiling face that was not beautiful
Team radu

Radu-Bogdan Croitoru

Full Stack Developer
Team paul

Paul Sopterean

Head of Data
Team florin

Florin Ionce

Full Stack Developer
Don’t code and drive
Team cata

Catalin Daniel Leonte

Web Scraping Assistant
Nobody notices what I do... until I don't do it!

Birger Jens

Sales Consultant Germany
Team hasan

Hasan Maksic

Customer Success Manager
Observe, adapt & optimize
Team thomas

Thomas Maroti

Intern and responsible for social media
Never tell me the odds
Team helle

Helle Klaris

CMS coordinator
Keep calm and let's have structure and order
Team henrik

Henrik Jacobsen Gandløse

Intern / Customer Developer & Support
Understanding and observing crazy people IS a job!
Team maria

Maria Cornelia Litu

Administration & Bookkeeping Assistant


Investor hampus

Hampus Jakobsson

Investitore e consigliere