527 VW ID3 usate sono state valutate

Evita di spendere troppo grazie alla valutazione di AutoUncle

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usata VW ID3 1ST
1 / 4
usata VW ID3 Pro Performance
1 / 4
usata VW ID3 58 kwh life
1 / 4
usata VW ID3 58 kwh 1st edition plus
1 / 4
usata VW ID3 58 kwh pro performance
1 / 4
usata VW ID3 ID.358 kwh business
1 / 4

* You can find more information on the official fuel consumption, amount of CO2emission, and, if necessary, power consumption of new motor cars in the German Compendium of the Official Fuel Consumption, the Official CO2Emissions, and the Official Power Consumption of New Motor Cars. This free of charge compendium is available at all points of sales and at the German Automobil Treuhand GmbH at www.dat.de.